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Music / Cooking tour this February!

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Southern California to Southern Oregon

We are on a mission to share music and food, promote connections with community and nature, and have a lot of fun :)
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Gathering #1
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Cities and Dates

No dates confirmed yet, still very flexible and still looking for hosts everywhere! Please fill out our Host Form if you are interested. Thank you!!
  • Los Angeles
  • Ventura
  • San Luis Obispo
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Rosa/Arcata
  • Ashland
  • Sacramento
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Meet The Band

We're friendly, fun, and hopefully not too weird.
Elka Wilder
Elka Wilder


Spent 23 years living off the grid in the New Mexican Wilderness. Enjoys sleeping in caves, creating traditional foods, harvesting wild weeds, food preservation, wood stove baking, singing and dancing.

James Eric
James Eric

Other Stuff

Traveled to a different city almost everyday in all 50 states starting with zero dollars and no car. Enjoys geeky DIY projects, creating events, audio/video/web/etc., freedom of speech, and being around happy people.

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I don't know WTF I just watched, but I can't say I didn't like it.
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-James and Elka