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Break Bread and Make Music!

Bohemian Elk is Elka Wilder and James Eric. We are on a mission to share music and food, promote connections with community and nature, and help find ways for other artists like ourselves to live sustainable lives without having to sling lattes :)

Elka teaches cooking, baking, and preserving simple yet gourmet foods, and empowers others to grow and share wild and domestic foods. James shares his knowledge of open source technology and many different musical instruments, including the dulcimer!. Our music is meant to inspire celebration, connection, joy, silliness, and dance in a time when we need these things more than ever before.

We would love to help inspire other musicians and vocalists to share their own songs of the heart! If you want to perform, collaborate, or even host one of our gatherings, please contact us!

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Bohemian Elk will be touring through cities in California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia next year. We will be offering delicious soups and salads with homemade bread at our events. Gourmet herbal products, chocolate, and cookbooks will also be for sale.

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Elka uses infused fir oil made with organic extra virgin olive oil and unrefined coconut oil, fresh fir with Idaho salt, and Belgian chocolate to make her gourmet quality products. The fir gives an orangey, piney flavor that surprises and entices!

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